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  compas j2ee - open source adaptive performance management

COMPAS J2EE is an open-source framework for performance management in J2EE applications. Built with portability and extensibility in mind, COMPAS enables performance instrumentation, monitoring and management at component level in enterprise systems.

COMPAS is intended to be used both in the development and the post-production phases of J2EE software projects. The most important features are:

  • completely portable J2EE instrumentation and monitoring: any J2EE application deployed on any J2EE application server can be instrumented and monitored at runtime, without having to install server hooks or extensions.

  • fully extensible instrumentation means that third party functionality (such as logging) can be added to EJBs, in a similar manner to aspect-oriented programming, but with standard Java compilers.

  • custom event listeners can be added using the COMPAS API to enable third-party functionality in response to events and alarms.

  • adaptive monitoring techniques ensure that the total monitoring overhead is kept to a minimum, while preserving complete target coverage.

  • interaction recording functionality to capture component-level interactions (call-flows) and display them in UML.

COMPAS is released under the LGPL license so it can be used in commercial developments as well as open-source projects.


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Adrian Mos